September 7th, 2011

I’ve been in Kenya for 4 days, but it seems like a lot longer.  I’ve already seen the posh compounds and the slums…, the supermarket and the orphanages…

I’m now well aware of the fact that I’m a “mzungu” (white person), and am entirely used to people pointing, staring, and shouting “mzungu mzungu” whenever I pass anyone on the street.

Today I started my volunteer job at the school in town.  I have 2 classes: class 3 (8-9 years old), and class 4 (10-11 years old).  What can I say, I have never met children more willing and eager to learn!  A near scuffle breaks out every time I ask a question – hands shoot up in desperation to be the next person to answer.

The text books we use only cover African topics, so today I had to teach the class about clans!  Which was quite amusing, seeing as I know nothing.  They stared at me in confusion when I tried to pronounce the various clan names that I had researched.  In the end, I laughed, and said “why don’t you guys teach me about clans, because we don’t have them in my country”.  Hands shot up, and I got a brilliant explanation!

However, perhaps the most shocking was the end of class.  The bell went for break, but no one moved, because I was still speaking.  Not a twitch.  Then I told them  “class dismissed”.  No one moved.  I started packing my stuff, shuffling papers.  Nothing.  Eventually a boy stood up and said: “teacher, we can’t leave before praying, and teacher has to leave before us”.  So I grabbed my bag, and raced to the door, at which point the whole class stood to attention and recited a really long prayer.  This from a group of 10 year olds.  They also gave me a masaii bracelet as a present… which was so kind.

I also was given a tour of the new building site by the Sister who runs the school, and she filled me in on many miracle stories 🙂

I do love the house where I live.  The family are lovely.  I look after 4 very cute but very crazy kids – all under the age of 5.  Etienne is 5, Lise is 4, Sammy is 2, and Babo is the baby of the house at 1.  Babo is so funny, he only speaks Kiswahili because his nanny speaks to him in Kiswahili.  When I speak to him in English, he just looks at me with biiig confused eyes!  The other kids are great, super active – always either playing or fighting.  But also keen to please 🙂

Next post coming soon… missing you all 🙂 xxxx


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  1. Joe
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 16:07:52

    Awesome that the kids had to wait for the teacher to leave.I was also shocked in the beginning when i was new here in Europe coz once the bell rung,everyone took their laptops,books,pens etc and dashed to the door even before the teacher could give the next assignment.Only me and a fellow african student stayed seated waiting for permission to stand and leave.A paradox it was,but we gained some good grades on discipline 😉


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