September 9th, 2011

I really hate the rainy season.  It’s cold, and muddy, and wet.  Whoever thought I’d come to Africa and be cold. I’m hoping the warm weather will come soon.  I’m told by everyone at school that the bad weather is due to global warming – there shouldn’t be rain at this time of year.  Earlier in the week there were Safari ants everywhere – which is apparently a local indicator of rain.  They’ve disappeared now… so here’s hoping.
My classes were dedicated and cheerful again.  They had to hand in their first homework assignment today – a composition piece about a time that they were really scared.  I only had time to leaf through the first couple of essays, but I can tell it will be great fun marking them.  Essay 1, by a little girl: “I was collecting firewood in the forest, when suddenly I was faced by two cheetahs.  I was very scared, so I dropped the firewood and ran away quickly.  I was safe.”  Essay 2, by a small boy: “I was playing football, and kicked my ball into the bushes.  So I went to get it and there was a big snake in front of my ball.  I ran to get my dad, and he killed it for me.”  Essay 3, by another girl: “I was on my way home from school, and I took the short cut.  I walked across a field, and almost stepped on a cobra.  I quickly picked up a stick and beat it until it was dead.  I promised my dad never to take the short cut again.”  Essay 4: “I was in bed one night when I was woken by a strange man climbing through my window.  He started stealing things from our house, but my dad and brother caught him and called the police.”

… Beats the old “I went shopping on the weekend, and watched Eastenders.  There was a spider in my room and it scared me.”

I took tea with the sister who runs the school, and much to my amusement she is ADAMANT that tea with milk is a Kenyan invention, and definitely is in no way related to the English habit.  I told her we drink tea with milk in England.  “No, it’s not possible – it’s African.”  I gave up persuasion in the end 🙂  Also, I’m not allowed to drink tea without eating bread with it – an African tradition it would seem…

I have launched myself into studying Kiswahili, and intend to be able to hold a conversation before I leave in December!  One of the teacher brought in a Swahili textbook today for me to borrow so I can teach myself!

Kwaheri ya kuonana everyone 🙂 (Goodbye and see you soon… I think)



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