Drama at School…

As my title suggests, today there was my first real piece of drama at school.Half way through my lesson, a little girl (Daphin), asks if she can go to the toilet.  She’s finished her work, and is a good student… of course, I say, hurry back.

In she comes a few minutes later, crying her eyes out.  The class turns into chaos, as everyone tries to establish what has happened in a multitude of languages.

Finally, I manage to talk to her… What’s wrong, I ask.  “Teacher Duncan beat me”.  Why??? I ask.  “Because I was outside the classroom.”

I was furious.  I think I have made my feelings on caning completely clear to the other teachers, and anyway, it’s completely disrespectful to cane another teacher’s student, rather than coming to see me first.

So after class, I went to the usual gang of teachers hanging around outside, and ask what happened.  No one knows, but lets go and ask Teacher Duncan.

So, I tell Teacher Duncan that while I appreciate his assistance, under no circumstances do I want him beating my students, especially not during my class time.  I gave the child permission to go to the toilet – I don’t expect another teacher to cane her without my knowledge.  In the future, if he has issues with my students, he should direct them to me.

To my shock, Teacher Duncan looked like a scolded school boy, looked truly ashamed, and stammered “I’m so sorry Teacher Gabi… it won’t happen again.”

This place can be seriously weird sometimes…


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  1. Joe
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 16:33:33

    Weird? Guess the right word is different.Its a whole different way of teaching,mentality and methods also.Here in Europe when a father locks up his daughter in the basement and procreates with her to the extent of having two kids is weird.Try to Google the Mark Dutroux's case or the Joseph Auswitch case in Austria.Otherwise have a lovely week ahead..


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