An amusing day at school

Yesterday was full of laughs at school…First of all, I finished my syllabus for this year with my year 4 class.  That textbook was shocking.  Gems of wisdom taught to students as part of the curriculum include:  “HIV/AIDS can be prevented by frequent hand-washing”, and: “Alcohol can cause unwanted pregnancy”.

Anyway, I asked the headmaster what I should teach them next, and he gave me the answer “It’s your classroom, you’re the master.  Do whatever you want.”  Haha… my licence to wreak havoc over the next two months…

I immediately decided that I would be teaching the real version of sex, pregnancy, and disease prevention.  I ran this past one of the other teachers, who told me it’s a brilliant idea.  The nuns who run the school don’t allow sex education – because it “teaches the children to sin”.  Well, in my classroom, I’m the master… so my upcoming classes will focus on: sex ed, pregnancy, HIV, malaria, hand-washing…

On the subject of hand-washing, I’m gutted to hear that 30,000 people a year die in Kenya from diarrhea.  More than the number of deaths due to AIDS, malaria, and typhoid put together.  October 15th is international hand-washing day, and I think it’s super important to educate about this issue.

Back to school…  So I was sitting out during my free lesson, chilling and sunbathing with the other teachers.  I allow them a laugh or two, as it isn’t too easy to be the only white person “sunbathing” with black people…  I go a little redder a little sooner 😉  Anyway, the teachers told me that yes, this is true of real white people – they do burn fast.  But I’m not really white.  I’m actually much closer to a “half-cast”.  And they managed to drag over the only “half-cast” girl in the school to prove that me and her are the same.

Welllll…. what can I say.  She was black.  I’m not.  But whatever… at least this shows my tan must be getting good…

But I then informed the black group that “half-cast” is considered a completely politically incorrect and offensive term.  And that the proper word used these days is mixed race.  They all laughed at me, (because I’m crazy, white, and endlessly funny)…and told me not to be ridiculous, half-cast is the official word for mixed race people.  Okidoki then…

Back at home, I walked into my bathroom to find 2 geckos running around the walls.  I was shocked, and slightly unnerved by them.   I told the Gege and JD, but they just laughed and said “yes, we have loads of geckos in the house”.  I then did actually spot a few running round the wall next to my bed.  This had raised the question in me:  Have I really spent the past month living in a room full of geckos and just not noticed???

I did a bit of discovery, and followed one to see where they live.  Well, it ran up the wall, and under the tiles, and just disappeared.  That, my friends, is roughly all you need to know about African architecture and building expertise.  Geckos live in the walls.


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  1. Joe
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 15:33:30

    Not all African houses have geckos' lol…but still a good experience that you are having in Kenya.You should have given them an example of President Obama,he is of mixed-race(kenyan-American).Have a wonderful time..Joe.


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