An Adventurous Weekend in Nairobi (2)

Next morning, Tom and I headed out to the Mtumba- the huge market near my house, then off to lunch with Tom’s English student (who he poached from me).After lunch, we were headed to the Nairobi Expats Christmas party.  Food, drink, and secret santa.  Tom and I had come armed with alcoholic magnets, and had actually stuck to the price limit we were set.  More fool us.

We stepped into the party, which turned out to be an elite group of people invited to a posh sit-down meal.  Tom and I lowered the average age by at least 10 years.  It was a strictly invite only affair – with only 15-ish people there.  How on earth had we gotten invited?!

And of course, the secret santa- oh the secret santa- there was a pile of large presents under the tree, to which we had to slope up and deposit our clearly ridiculously deficient joke presents.

The food was amazing, we ate and drank our way through a million different types of food: none of it traditional Christmas dinner, but rather an eclectic mix of largely Asian and African food.  Nicely rounded off with mince pies 🙂  By this time we had all also consumed copious amounts of wine, and were feeling very jolly.

It was at this point, that “disaster” struck.  Tom’s infamous shoulder hopped back out again.  Luckily, a nice lady at the table turned out to be an occupational therapist, and was right on hand to check the shoulder, and tie it up into a proper sling.  However, bless Tom, once again in agony, he passed out on the sofa.  Immediately I wanted to call a cab to take him home, however – let him sleep, everyone advised me.  If you wake him now, he’ll just be in agony.  He will come round when his body can face it.

So we stayed a while, Tom drifting in and out (mostly out) of consciousness.  Secret Santa took place – where I was given a set of Zebra table place mats, and Tom was given a lovely photo album.

Then things got weird – we were THROWN OUT, of the Christmas party.  The host lady came up to me and announced that I’m the worst girlfriend in the world for not taking better care of my partner, and that I clearly do not care about his well being.  Furthermore, she cannot accept having such an ill person in her house, so we must leave right away.  We had to practically carry Tom out onto the street, where he and I sat on the curb waiting for a taxi.  At this point I was having the worst asthma attack of my life.  All watched by the kind Uche- providing assistance and moral support.  We don’t do things by halves, Tom and I 🙂

On Sunday we got up, and headed out to Paradise Lost with our friend Michael.  We had a lovely picnic, and walked around/under the beautiful waterfalls there.  There is also a stone-age cave system, that we walked around…creepy.

In the evening we went to the Windsor Hotel, a massive colonial luxury hotel and golf course.  Non-members are allowed to go and sit on the terrace over the golf course and have drinks and meals.  So we headed out for a beer, feeling particularly white.  After drinks we headed to an Indian restaurant (due to my moaning about missing Indian food).  I had to hand it to Michael, he did take us to an exquisite place.  All in all, an eventful and lovely weekend in Nairobi 🙂



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