Sun was invented in Africa

After my three month stint in Nairobi, I decided that I couldn’t stay away, and arrived back in Kenya yesterday.Sitting on the runway at Heathrow, the pilot announced that due to snow swirls around us, the wings would have to be de-iced before take-off.  Arriving in Nairobi a good 9 hours later, we stepped out into 30C heat, and dazzling sunshine.  It’s good to be back.  Who wouldn’t want to live in Africa with sun like this??

This time round, I’m staying with a new family with 2 lovely kids, Geny and Henry.  I got in, unpacked my room, and that was it – reinstalled in Nairobi, as if we’d never left.

This morning I decided to head straight out to the Immigration department, to pick up my ALIEN card.  I applied and was registered for alien status at the end of November, and was told to pick up my card in 4-6 weeks.  Today is the first of February.  No card.  A friendly lady behind the desk said “Give us one more week please, there’s a small delay”.  Oh yes, African time – I had almost forgotten aaaall about you.

Matatu travel is fun in this weather.  Not so much.  The stink inside the matatus has certainly intensified exponentially in proportion to the heat.  I was once again taken aback by the reverence with which white people are treated in matatus.  The lady sat next to me had a sack of grain that had been beneath the legs of the small girl sat in (my) seat before me.  As soon as I got in, she quickly heaved up the sack and plonked it on her lap – half crushing her legs.  “No, no, leave it under my legs, I’ve more than enough space, I’m only small” I insisted.  She was having none of it: “It’s very hot weather, you shouldn’t have the sack at your feet”.  (Logic, anyone?!)

The traffic, if anything, has gotten even worse, which I certainly didn’t think was possible.  I was given a timely reminder while walking through downtown Nairobi that there is a real risk of being ploughed down by cars driving on the wrong side of the road, straight into the oncoming traffic.  Stepping out onto the road, quite sure that nothing was coming, a line of cars came shooting over the pavement and the ledge in the middle of the road, swerving onto the oncoming lane- missing us lowly pedestrians by a hair.  Why were we throwing all the dirty looks?!  Couldn’t we see that there was simply too much traffic to remain in their own lane???

Annnd finally, the monkeys.  I have missed the monkeys 🙂


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