Hockey Politics – Girls vs. Boys

One thing has to be said about being a nanny… kids are reeeeally funny sometimes.Today on the way home from school, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on Henry and Geny discussing their hockey successes.  Geny is on the girls C team at school – and couldn’t care less about hockey.  Henry is on the boys A-team and takes his hockey very seriously:

Geny:  We won 10-0.
Henry: What?? That’s fake!
G: It’s not fake, we did win.
H: It’s coz girl’s hockey isn’t a real thing.  It’s easy.
G: But I  felt really bad.
H: Why?? You won.  Who scored the goals anyway?
G: I wasn’t really paying attention.  But I nearly scored one.
H: How?? You’re a defender.
G: Oh.  Right.  Well, I  almost did.
H:  I told you girls hockey is fake.
G:  But anyway, their goalkeeper started crying at the end.  I felt so bad for her.
H:  Why did you feel bad, you won…?
G:  I would have cried if I was their goalkeeper.  At the end, we didn’t even try to score any more goals coz we didn’t want to be mean.
H: What?? If I was there, I would have just scored 10 more.
G:  But it was cool, we played on astro-turf.
H:  No you didn’t.  You don’t even know what that is.
G:  I do, it’s what we played on.

It’s the little things in life that keep us amused 🙂


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