Joe and Grace’s Wedding – The ceremony

Arriving at the venue, we were all dancing away in the back of the limo having a real old party.  We parked up in the garden, waiting for everyone to be seated and for the boys to get ready.  Soon it was time to get going.The music struck up, and I was off down the runway, looking for a man who I had never met, who was supposed to meet me somewhere along the way.  We found each other though, and made it to the stage raised above the swimming pool.  By the time all bridesmaids and grooms-men got into position, it was clear we were facing a roasting day.

Soon the bride was walking up the aisle, looking beautiful as anything.  I have to say, I was so so proud to see my two old friends, Joe and Grace, looking so happy together.

After the introductions and greetings had been said, it was announced that “Praise and Worship” would begin.  Now for the Europeans among us – praise and worship is not settling down in your seat for prayers.  No no.  At this point the music struck up, and out walked a praise and worship man, with a microphone, and began dancing around the stage and singing.  The whole gathering started clapping and dancing, and to my – horror – I noticed all the bridal party start very specific dance moves.  Oh dear.  Well, now or never, I set to trying to follow the dance moves… while watching the manic laughter on Tom’s face in the front row of the congregation.  Soon, though, the Congolese man sat next to him and helped him out, and I was the one laughing as Tom twirled and jiggled on the front row.

After praise and worship the ceremony took place – including the pastor telling Joe to lift up the veil and examine whether the right woman had been brought before him (!!)  “Yep, that’s Grace”… that would’ve been a mistake and a half if they got the wrong girl!  Then came the vows… and much to our amusement, halfway through the vows, the minister stopped leading, and said “Joe, you can finish the rest alone”… surprise!  The same with Grace 🙂

Soon though, Joe and Grace were Man and Wife, and the music had struck up again, and we were dancing off the stage to the reception!


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