Joe and Grace’s Wedding – The reception

As the guests were shepherded towards the reception tents, the “bridal team” was whisked away to a photo shoot.  After the photos were all taken, it was back into the limo for the “big arrival” at the reception.As we pulled up to the reception, once again, I could hear screaming, singing, and out of the window I spotted a huge crowd of people waiting at the entrance gate.  “They are waiting to greet the married couple” I was told, and with that Joe and Grace were shoved out of the limo and were swallowed by the singing, manic crowd.  We quickly followed, and once again, I was told to just dance and sing.

So off we danced to the reception area, where more guests were waiting.  Once in the reception area, we took over the dance floor in a bizarre elated dance of arrival, during which we were instructed by the MC to grindl.  My goodness, I don’t have the muscles for grinding!  But boy, do all the old ladies!!  Everyone was raucously shaking their behinds down to the grind, me attempting a pale imitation in order to keep up appearances 🙂  At one point some old ladies seemed to get stuck on the ground, and had to turn to help for a hand in getting up 🙂 But nothing would kill the mood.

Eventually we sat down to eat, during which a number of songs and speeches took place.  The food was scrumptious, however my dress so tight I had little chance of eating much of it!  Then came the cutting of the cake.  Busily chatting away at another table, Gloria, bridesmaid extraordinaire grabbed me, telling me “Quick, we’re supposed to do a jig to the cake!!!”  A jig??  Hardly surprised by this point.

After the cake cutting, we were instructed to take trays of cake and distribute it among the crowd.  I believe I made a very good waiter, somewhat cheekily confirmed by the many guests who shouted “I want the mzungu waitress”, “Hey look, I have a mzungu servant”, “Look, the mzungu is serving me!”  Alright guys, calm down, I’m handing out bits of wedding cake.

Not too much time for munching on cake, as soon it was time for the first dance.  The wedding team (us) was instructed to form a circle around the couple, as they took to the floor for their first dance.  Soon the circle was given up and all of us were dancing once again.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

(And only a few hours to wait until the big party held that evening 😉 …)


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