Back for more blogging… from South Africa

I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I last wrote up the stories of my manic life in Africa… mostly due to the fact that since I last blogged I’ve become a journalist, consumed with reporting on the tech developments on the continent.

In the past year, I left Kenya “never to return again”, moved back to Hungary for 3 months, returned to Kenya as a freelance writer for a Nigerian business magazine, moved on to Cape Town, and am now buried in tech, startups and everything HumanIPO.

I’ve been to some amazing places.

I’ve soaked up the sun in Croatia – from the awesome Plitvice Lakes, to swimming in the sparkling water at Split.

I’ve gotten lost in a jeep in the desert in Kenya, guided only by a Masai guide who seemed to see tracks in the dust where all I saw was..well…dust…. Only to eventually find our camp which involved open air sleeping, with the leopards singing all night in the trees above us, and the monkeys coming to steal our things.

I’ve been hiking and elephant back riding in a mini skirt at Victoria Falls in Zambia (British Airways having lost all of my luggage).

I’ve been threatened by the Zimbabwean police for trying to take a photo of the Parliament in Harare, and then driven around the outskirts of Harare in the middle of the night in an open jeep visiting the best drinking spots with a crew of friendly expat-locals.

I’ve had a nasty parasite crawling under my skin (which we nicknamed Bob).

And I’ve had some wonderful times in South Africa, hiking table mountain, tasting oysters at Knysna, watching the AFCON final in Johannesburg, seeing the penguins at Boulders Beach.

But for those stories… you’ll have to let the photos do the talking.

From now on, I promise to write more 🙂


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