Dar es Salaam – Cape Town… the start!

As of exactly today, I have one month to get to Cape Town…overland.

I arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital, at 3am this morning.

The plan is, to visit Zanzibar by boat this weekend, spend another week in Tanzania, then take the infamous Tazara train to Zambia… then we’ll see…

For this reason I’m reviving my blog, as I hope some of you will enjoy taking this trip with me.

Ever since I “met” Africa 4 years ago, I’ve loved travelling overland, getting to meet the people, the places, the cultures … the things we miss when we fly over them.

I’ve spent the majority of my time in Kenya and South Africa, and to connect the two through an overland exodus has been my dream for so long. I hope you’ll join me 🙂

As a PS, I’ve committed to improving my Kiswahili knowledge, seeing as Tanzanians speak the most “pure” Swahili. So please, all of you hold me to my promise! Tafadhali!

Arriving at Dar es Salaam at 3am this morning, the visa officer excitedly engaged with our rudimental knowledge of Kiswahili, our driver whipped my bag out of my hand to carry it himself.  Telling him we have spent time in Kenya, I asked him: “What’s the difference between Kenya and Tanzania?” His answer: “We Tanzanians, we’re more friendly.”

And I have to concede, everyone we have come across so far, has been friendly, generous, and kind.

I’m excited to visit Tanzania, I’m excited for the next month.


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