The beautiful Drakensbergs

From Coffee Bay we arrived at our hostel in the Drakensberg mountains in the evening. We’ve wanted to visit the Drakensbergs – on the border of Lesotho – for years, so we were happy to arrive, and needed an early start the next morning to make the most of the day.

We went to bed early, setting our alarms for 7am – we were off hiking.

Next morning, we awoke at 9.45 – both of our phones had run out of battery over night. Frustrated, we gobbled some breakfast and set off for the Royal Natal park, to fit in as much hiking as the late-starting day, and my bruised throbbing leg, would allow.

At the gate we received a map, we located a route, and off we set, up into the mountains.

There are simply no words for how beautiful the Drakensbergs are.

Our route started through grasslands of head-height thick grass, and we came across lots of local ladies either cutting the grass, or carrying bundles of it on their heads back to the village.

After the bright grasslands, we were into deep forest, with waterfalls and rockpools hiding round every corner.

Following a steep scramble over rocks, we came to “the Crack”, a big crack in the cliffs with water tumbling over the cliffs like a natural shower.

On the way back we detoured to take in extra waterfalls, a  cascading river, and finished strolling through more fields of grass, with splendid views over the valley.

By the end, we had covered over 13kms, we were exhausted, and my long-suffering leg was calling it quits.

Back at the hostel over dinner, there was only one thing to talk about – planning how soon we can get back to the Drakensbergs for a longer trip. We’re hooked.


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